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Mon Feb 12 2024


The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a range of disability compensation benefits for US veterans who have suffered injuries or disabilities due to their active duty in military service. Before you can claim your VA benefits, the VA gives you a disability rating to determine how much compensation you can earn

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The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a range of disability compensation benefits for US veterans who have suffered injuries or disabilities due to their active duty in military service. Before you can claim your VA benefits, the VA gives you a disability rating to determine how much compensation you can earn. A veteran with a severe service connected disability that renders them unable to work and/or compromises quality of life may be eligible for VA 100% disability benefits.

I. Different Classes of VA Disability Ratings

The VA assigns a percentage-based VA disability rating that determines disability compensation levels. Ratings range from 0 to 100% in increments of 10. Higher ratings equal greater compensation based on a scale that’s adjusted yearly to keep up with inflation.

To receive any disability rating, the veteran must file a claim with evidence proving a service-related condition causes functional impairment. The higher the impairment level, the higher the rating.

100% is the maximum rating and indicates the veteran cannot work due to their disabilities.

II. Understanding 100% Disability Rating

The VA grants 100% disability ratings when injuries or illnesses from military service leave the veteran:

  • Unable to secure and maintain substantially gainful employment
  • Requiring regular aid and attendance from another person
  • With the loss of specific faculties or capabilities

Earning a 100% rating is difficult since it signifies the complete inability to work. The veteran must prove with medical evidence that disabilities make employment impossible.

VA raters evaluate all evidence to determine if the severity warrants 100% status.

III. Comprehensive List of VA 100% Benefits

A 100% VA rating provides several valuable VA disability benefits:


  • 2022 VA compensation rate: $3,332 per month, tax-free
  • Additional allowances for dependents


  • Free comprehensive health services through the VA health care benefit system
  • Free medications and medical equipment
  • Free home health and nursing home care


  • Specially Adapted Housing grants – up to $98,815
  • Special Housing Adaptation grants – up to $19,763


  • Post-9/11 GI Bill – 36 months of paid tuition/housing
  • Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance


  • Federal hiring preference
  • Property tax exemption
  • Free military honors at a funeral

Disabled veterans with any service-connected rating get shopping discounts at many retailers. For example (Lowe’s offers 10% off).

IV. How to Apply for VA 100% Benefits

The application involves submitting the right VA documentation, including:

VA Form 21-8940 – Assesses unemployability due to service-connected disabilities

VA Form 21-2680 – Details need for regular aid and attendance

To avoid mistakes: Carefully follow all form instructions and provide complete responses. Utilize an accredited representative for assistance.

Once submitted, the VA reviews the file and schedules any required medical exams. The process typically concludes within 3-6 months. Veterans can check their application status using eBenefits. We recommended following up to move the claim along but keep in mind that most disability benefit claims take months or even years to get approved.

VI. Frequently Asked Questions About VA 100% Benefits

Do vets with 100% benefits get free airplane rides?

Some charities offer free flights for medical appointments or treatments. But no, the VA does not provide free air travel as a VA disability benefit.

What benefits can the spouse of a 100% rated veteran receive?

From the VA’s page on family benefits: “As the spouse or dependent child of a veteran or service member, you may qualify for certain benefits, like health care, life insurance, or money to help pay for school or training.”

For example, Chapter 35 VA benefits are available for surviving spouses and dependents of 100% rated veterans, providing educational assistance for pursuing degrees, certifications, or vocational training. Additionally, the spouse may be eligible for healthcare benefits through CHAMPVA (Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs).

Can you work while on 100% disability? And can you earn too much to disqualify for benefits?

In certain cases, yes. Substantially gainful employment is limited, but some work is allowed. The veteran could get re-evaluated if income exceeds the federal poverty threshold.

100% vs P&T? Definitions, Benefits, and Paperwork

100% is the total disability compensation rating. P&T means “permanent and total,” indicating disabilities will not improve. Both provide the same VA disability benefit. But P&T has no future re-examinations.

Clearing Up Myths

Myth 1: 100% ratings all come with free vehicles from the VA

Reality: The VA has vehicle grants but only for a small number of veterans who have specific vision, hearing, or mobility loss.

Myth 2: 100% veterans can’t get other jobs ever again

Reality: Veterans could work limited hours or for specific employers. But most cannot have substantially gainful employment.

Myth 3: The rating will get passed to my kids one day

Reality: The VA benefit ends upon the veteran’s death. However, dependents may receive death benefits.

Myth 4: VA pay gets cut off after 20 years automatically

Reality: 100% disability compensation continues for life unless evidence shows your condition has improved.

Myth 5: 100% coverage means you don’t pay for anything medical

Reality: The VA covers service-connected conditions fully but veterans still pay co-pays for non-service care.

VIII. Conclusion

100% VA disability compensation offers critical aid to severely disabled veterans who may struggle to otherwise cover their home and healthcare costs. Many veterans are unable to work or have very limited work options due to their disabilities, and they deserve this help in return for the sacrifices they’ve made. All US veterans should understand their options for aid and access the benefits system. If you are or know a veteran, apply as soon as possible for the financial and medical aid you deserve!

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